FAQ's for 1/18 scale

What is the typical cost of a custom 1/18 scale model?

Example of Materials & Cost - Doing it yourself - Experience to build it?
1/18 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Solid White or Black & White  mfg'd by MotorMax Base model includes partition, radio console, dual spot lights and chrome wheel covers. Price includes shipping from seller $40.00
Light bar - low profile, Arjent or other current style light bar (older MX type std)
Blue, red and amber transparent paint additional
Black rims with center caps (replaces older style full wheel covers) $10.00
Interior molded in black, color change light gray or beige paint $3.50
Custom water slide decals (white and metallic decals addtional cost) $10.00 & up

Exterior color change or two tone - (Sandpaper & stripper additional)

$5.00 & up
Trunk and tail light trim detailing, paint black $3.50
Chrome foil trim, side window moldings $7.00
Options & Accessories - Grill Guard, Antenna(s), Laptop, RADAR, Long Guns etc $ varies

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