FAQ's for 1/24 scale

What is the typical cost to build a custom 1/24 scale model?

Example of Materials & Cost - Doing it yourself - Experience to build it?
1/24 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Solid White or Black & White  mfg'd by MotorMax Base model includes partition, dual spot lights and grill guard
Price includes shipping from seller
Light bar - low profile, Arjent or other current style light bar (older MX type std)
Blue, red and amber transparent paint additional
Full wheel cover (replaces base black rims with center caps) $8.00
Interior molded in black, color change light gray or beige paint $3.50
Custom water slide decals (white and metallic decals addtional cost) $10.00 & up

Exterior color change or two tone - (Sandpaper & stripper additional)

$5.00 & up
Rear view mirrors, trunk and tail light trim detailing, paint black $3.50
Chrome foil trim, side window moldings $7.00
Options and Accessories - Antenna(s), Laptop, RADAR, Long Guns etc $ varies

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